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Sell / Trade
We are happy to make an offer to purchase any used photography equipment. We usually offer about 1/3 of fair market value. Offers will always vary depending on item condition, value, and demand. If the item will require repair, we more than likely will not make any offer. 

Offers take one to two business days, film equipment offers may take longer. 

We require a valid photo ID for all used equipment purchases, absolutely no exceptions.
Current Used Inventory

40 West 2950 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

We do not offer items for purchase through this website. Our in-store selection changes frequently. The best thing to do is come into the shop and see what is in stock. We buy and sell used equipment often, we do not know what we will have for sale until it comes through the door. Most of our equipment for sale is film only, we rarely have digital equipment available.
Return Policy
All used equipment has been tested before being placed out for sale. Certain things can not be tested for in the shop. We offer a 30 days exchange only policy on used equipment sales. If you have any trouble with a purchase please bring it in with your original sales receipt within 30 days of purchase. 

For more information regarding our warranty/return policy please contact us.