Resurrecting cameras since 1971
Since 1971, Forster’s has been a small, family-owned business. We pride ourselves on personable customer service and support for all photographic equipment. We refer to our customers by name, not by service order number. We offer a wide variety of camera service, and if we cannot help you, we will do our best to find someone who can. 

Free Estimates: We provide free estimates on all repairs. Once you have received your free estimate, there is absolutely no obligation to proceed with repair. This will give you the opportunity to decide if you feel it will be cost-effective to proceed with repair. 

Camera Service/Repair: All of our technicians have many years of experience and have been trained by various leading camera manufacturers. We offer service for almost anything made from the early 1900’s until today; and most repairs include a 90 Day Warranty. For more information regarding your specific repair need, please contact our office.

CCD/CMOS Image Sensor Cleaning: Love your DSLR but keep getting spots on your pictures? We can help! Our technicians have been trained by the factories to effectively remove dust/debris from imaging sensors. All sensor cleanings are completed and tested within two days and include a 7 Day Warranty.  More information regarding sensor cleaning can be found on our troubleshooting page.

Memory Card Picture Recovery: Accidentally format your memory card or suspiciously lost all of your pictures? We have software that can recover deleted files so we can transfer your photos to a thumb drive. We cannot guarantee any specific files will be recovered, but there is not a charge if nothing is recovered. If anything is recovered the service charge is $29.99.  We recommend you bring in your own thumb drive, large enough to transfer your files to, we also have them available for purchase in the shop. More information on card recovery can be found on our troubleshooting page.

Factory/Service Center Support: If we are unable to provide service for you in our shop, and you don’t want to deal with sending the equipment to the manufacturer for repair, we would be happy to do it for you. Over the past 50 years, our company has built strong relationships with most manufacturers. We can act as an advocate for you to better ensure you are provided with the customer service you deserve. We charge $40 shipping ($20 each way) for most items, large or heavy equipment may be a higher rate. Some service centers charge a non-refundable diagnostic fee that will be applied to your repair if they complete the repair.  We will contact you for approval on repair cost before giving authorization to the factory to proceed. 

Used Equipment Purchase/Sales: The front of our store is stocked with photography equipment and accessories of all kinds. We mostly offer film equipment but we do have some digital equipment for sale. We buy used equipment if it is in good working order and does not need service or cleaning before it goes in our showcase. If a technician determines we can sell your equipment we will offer you about a third of the retail value. A photo ID will be required for all used equipment purchases. For more information on current inventory or questions about selling your equipment please contact our office.

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